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Home shown during the construction process
Steps in process:


From the initial contact with a prospective client, our building process revolves around customization. We recognize that what we are building is more than a house; it is your home. For that reason it is of the utmost importance to us at James Rau Builder that your home is built to suit your individual needs and purposes. Our building process for your home is carried out with these needs in mind.

Setting Goals

Jim and Mike discussing a blueprintAfter the initial contact with you, we focus on the goals that you have in mind for the project. We want to know what exactly you want your home to be, and what needs must be met in the building process. We will sit down with you, and examine the size of home you desire, what rooms you want in that home, and where the home will be built. We will meet with you personally to discuss the price range for the project, and exactly which specific features the home will include.


Planning it Out

Following these prelimanary steps, we will draw up a rough sketch for your examination. Then, with your approval, we go to an architect, who produces a working print for the home. From that print a detail proposal with full specifications is made up. Next, we personally arrange for financing for the construction of the home through a bank of your choice. We even will go so far as to guarantee the sale of your old home to help with the transition process to your new James Rau home.

Construction Process

Fusebox in an unfinished basementOnce all the arrangements have been made for the project, the actual construction work can begin. We are committed to getting the job done right, and that is why from the beginning of the project to the end you can be confident that at least once a day James Rau himself will be at your home. His strict committment to quality as the owner means he personally oversees the construction process at the job site level. To totally ensure that your expectations are satisfied, we allow you to change the project blueprint anytime during the construction process. We realize that sometimes changes need to be made, and we are happy to be flexible in this area.


Below are some frequently asked questions about our homes:

Does James Rau Builder only build new homes?

Though traditionally the focus of our work has been new construction, we have also started to take on remodeling or addition projects for existing homes.

How long does the building process take?

The length of time involved in the building process varies, obviously depending on the house and the level of complexity of its construction. Smaller homes often take seven or eight months to complete from the start of construction, while a larger and more elaborate house could take over a year to complete.

Must buyers purchase a lot through James Rau Builder for their home location?

Empty lot with James Rau Builder for sale signNo, we will build our custom homes on any suitable lot, whether that lot was purchased from James Rau Builder or not. However, if a lot cannot be found, James Rau Builder has a variety of lots available to purchase, or can assist with the locating of a suitable lot for construction.



How open is the building process to customization?

The best way to describe the process of building a James Rau home is "complete and total control by the buyer." From start to finish, you as the buyer make the choices. Our job is to build a home that will fit you and your lifestyle intimately, and we always strive to accomplish that goal in our projects. If guidance is wanted, we are more than willing to provide it, but in the end all the essential choices are made by the buyers of our homes.